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Tennis players rely heavily upon their eyes.  Tracking, balance, concentration, etc are all segments of the visual system that play an enormous role in tennis.  Harvey Ratner of HRA was a tennis pro and is currently a tennis coach.  The Visual Workout was developed by Harvey specifically with tennis in mind.  Vision training for tennis players can start at any age and will benefit every player.  It is extremely easy to incorporate the visual workout into a standard tennis lesson.  It can be used very effectively during the warm up session.

Common vision problems in tennis may cause:

  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty returning serve
  • Weak backhand
  • Weak forehand
  • Trouble placing/directing the ball
  • Trouble serving
  • Slow reactions
  • Loss of concentration during volleys
  • Slow decision making
  • Poor approach shots

With Sporteyes VT's simple vision training products and excercises, you can greatly improve your tennis game.  Dedicate just a few minutes before each practice to training your eyes and you will see a great increase in your accuracy, concentration and overall game.  You might be good now, but you can always get better!

Key Products:

  • Bat-rac
  • Vision ring
  • 3D Practice
  • Screening/Evaluation