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Sporteyes VT offers both the products and training to improve your game.  Follow the link above to see or purchase some of our products.  We also offer custom tailored training to meet your every need.

School/Team Fundraisers

With most schools currently facing tough budget cuts Sporteyes VT has created a unique fundraising opportunity.  We can help your school or individual team earn money while providing expert Sports Vision Training.  The fundraiser would include sports vision screening/evaluation, training, actual practice and more.  This opportunity can be customized for any school or team no matter the size.  If a specific sport wants to participate we can fine tune the training and vision evaluation to maximize the sport specific performance.

Coaches Training

Either one coach or a group of coaches.  We will teach you all about Sports Vision and train you so you can incorporate it into your own coaching methods.  We can train coaches of different sports at the same time or we can customize our training to be sport specific.  Coaches, this is an excellent way to get a leg up on the competition.  Every coach is physically training their players, take the next step and gain a huge edge through Vision Training.

Athletic Directors

Hold a Sports Vision workshop for your entire coaching staff or let us train you directly so you can pass on the knowledge to your coaches.

Team Clinics

Any team, any sport, any age, any ability level can benefit from our unique training methods.  Have us out for a day and we can go through the Sports Vision Workout and show you how to gain that edge over your competition.  All team clinics include sports vision screening/evaluation, station training, one-on-one training, sport specific training techniques.  We will focus on all aspects of vision in sports and features specific to your sport.

Athletes One-on-One

Once again, any sport, any age, and skill level.  We will work with you one-on-one.  We will take you through a thorough sports vision screening then move onto customized, individual training.  By the end of the session you will have an excellent understanding of why sports vision training is essential and will have learned exactly how to work on yours everyday.  Sessions can be one time on-going.  The more you practice, the better you will get.


Excellent sports vision is key to being a great official.  Can you pick up movement quickly and accurately?  How's your visual memory?  Are your eyes able to snap from close to far and back again instantly?  Referees and officials have had great success through the Sports Vision program.  In fact, the NFL Officials were one of H.R.A.'s top clients.


Did you know that many learning disabilities are directly linked to poor vision.  Sporteyes VT can take you or your child/student/athlete through the vision screening/evaluation to see if there might be a problem.  Proper Sports Vision Training helps improve concentration and speed of recognition.  Vision training isn't just for athletes, it is a great way to help any child/student succeed.


Vision training is an incredible way to stimulate the mind.  Our program has been given great reviews by a number of senior citizen centers.  The program will stimulate the mind, exercise the eyes and help improve both mental and physical dexterity.  The training is simple and inexpensive but effective.