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Golf is clearly one of the most difficult sports to master.  You can work countless hours on your back swing, proper stance, keeping your head still, putting grip and the list goes one.  But without strong visual ability your game will still suffer.

Depth perception is a must in golf.  You might have 20/20 vision, but poor depth perception.  If this is the case you will have trouble accurately estimating the distance to the pin.  Poor depth perception will also make it difficult, if not impossible, to read the break in a green. 

Do you find yourself swinging and missing the ball or hitting the ground in front of the ball?  Both are common problems.  Even if you keep your head completely still, if you are unable to focus well on the ball you might miss hit it.  The problem is that you might not know there's a problem.  20/20 isn't everything.  You're vision might be good, but you might have a problem with binocularity.  In other words, you might be using one eye more than the other instead of using them in unison. Your left eye (or right) might focus just a few millimeters in front of or behind the ball.  Either of those problems can cause major problems with your swing.  Sporteyes VT has a simple screening and evaluation process that can help you determine if any visual problem exists.

Concentration is critical in golf.  Weak eyes lead to eye fatigue and a lack of concentration.  You might think you're concentrating only to find that your game breaks down the longer you play.  This might indicate a visual problem.  We can train your eyes to last an entire round. 

Proper balance is again critical to a good swing.  If you're having trouble focusing quickly your body might be slightly off balance.  Anybody who plays golf knows that even a slight hiccup in your swing can lead to major imperfections in the flight of the ball.

Golfers spend millions of dollars every year to learn proper technique, grip and other fundamentals, but most c

ompletely neglect their visual system.  It's understandable.  Most people assume that if they have 20/20 or wear contacts or glasses that their vision is fine...even perfect.  The simple fact of the matter is that 20/20 and athletic vision are not always the same thing.  Want to improve your game?  Start with your eyes.

Key Products:

  • Vision evaluation/screening
  • Vision ring
  • Jugglestick
  • Phy-dip string

Triangle Putting System:

Sporteyes VT offers a unique and inexpensive putting system.  The Triangle Putting System will help you achieve proper alignment and teach you to read your puts better.  As a special bonus the Triangle Putting System includes a phy-dip string to strengthen and train your eyes.