Other Sports

Football is an extremely fast moving sport that puts a premium on excellent concentration, timing, reflexes and balance.  All of these can be helped by vision training.  The general Vision Workout will work to improve any player at any position.  However, football is a very specialized sport and customized training programs for each position can be of great service.  Every position, from quarterback to the line can use vision training to increase concentration, balance and reflexes.  Our specialized program are designed specifically for individual positions.

For example, here are some common problems that may be attributed to poor vision skills:


  • Poor timing on passes
  • Poor "touch" on passes
  • Difficulty finding the open receiver quickly
  • Difficulty making secondary reads
  • High interception rate
  • Problems reading the defensive sets

A split second difference in making these reads and decisions can be the difference between a touchdown and an interception.  If your quarterback can make quick decisions his accuracy should increase dramatically.  Visual memory is key to reading defenses and understanding where defenders are likely to be.  Dynamic visual acuity training will help quarterbacks make quick reads from the primary to the secondary option and outlet receivers.  It will also increase "touch" and help quarterbacks learn to lead their receivers.  A split second can be the difference between a completion and a sack.

Defensive Backs
  • Slow reaction times
  • Trouble reacting to receivers breaks
  • Trouble tracking the flight of the football
  • Slow decision making
  • Poor balance

Defensive backs are often out on "an island".  It is imperative that they are able to make quick decision and react to both the receiver and the flight of the ball instantly while retaining balance.

Receivers/Running Backs
  • Poor concentration
  • Missed blocks due to poor reads
  • Inability to pick up the ball early enough in flight
  • Dropped passes
  • Poor route running
  • Poor balance
  • Bad timing routes

Catching passes is based on vision and balance, both of which are greatly improved through vision training.  How many incredible athletes aren't great receivers?  How many great receivers are good, not excellent, athletes?  Jerry Rice isn't the fastest or biggest guy at his position, but his routes and hands are impeccable.  Jerry Rice's vision is extraordinary.  How was Barry Sanders able to find the right whole in the line?  His visual system worked so quickly that his decisions and moves seemed to defy the laws of physics.  Sure they're both great athletes, but it takes more than athletic ability to be great.