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Baseball players can particularly improve through proper vision training.  Baseball is a unique game that combines quickly seeing a moving object, focusing on it and tracking it into the bat or glove.  Of all the sports, baseball is possibly the best suited to the vision training workout. 


As a batter it is important to not only see the ball, but to see it quickly.  The quicker a batter can find the ball leaving the pitcher's hand, the more time he has to determine if it is a ball or strike, what type of pitch it is, and to make the decision to swing or not to swing.  The mental actions a batter goes through are very complex, but can be broken down into segments:

  • Visually pick up the ball out of the pitcher's hand
  • Determine what type of pitch it is (curve, fastball, change up, etc.)
  • Determine whether it is a ball or strike
  • Visually track ball into the batting zone
  • Decide whether to swing or take the pitch
  • Actively swing or take the pitch

All of these actions, and more, occur with every single pitch...and they all happen in a split second.  If you can make your decisions just a fraction of a second faster, you can GREATLY improve your chances of striking the ball.  Vision training enhances batting practice, it doesn't take its place.  The beauty of vision training is its ability to piggy back along with any coaching methods.  We're not looking to change how you coach, we simply want to enhance your coaching by adding in a segment most athletes/coaches are missing.  SporteyesVT and Harvey

Ratner do have quite a bit of batting coaching experience and we have our ideas on what works best, but it is completely your choice whether you want our input or not.  Vision training can be a stand alone portion of your coaching or it can be incorporated into each specific task (ie. batting practice).  Our success rate with athletes ranging from elementary age to college to pro speaks for itself.


Just as vision is essential to batting, it is equally important to fielding.  Did you know that most injuries that happen during Little League baseball games can be directly linked to poor vision?  It's true.  What happens when a third baseman takes a bad hop and gets hit in the face is usually that the visual system broke down and the third baseman didn't see the ball soon enough to react.  If the fielder was able to pick up the ball earlier, track it into their glove, and take more time to prepare (get into proper stance, mentally decide where to be, etc.) their fielding percentage should certainly rise.  Fielding and even throwing rely immensely on great vision.  Eye  hand coordination is a learned process and Sporteyes VT can teach you how to improve.  Isn't it worth a few minutes a day to improve both your fielding and throwing and your safety?  Once again, these aren't just claims.  The vision workout has been proven effective for over thirty years. 

Give us a call and let us prove to you how much we can help.

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