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Sporteyes VT is a licensed member of the H.R.A. Association of Sports Vision Trainers.  We are qualified to train you in our unique form of sports vision training.  We offer outstanding customer service and coaching along with top of the line vision training products.

Jesse Knight:

Jesse has a long history in athletics, coaching and teaching.  He was an All-League water polo player and swimmer in his younger days.  He has experience coaching high school and junior high school basketball, water polo and swimming.  He also spent over ten years studying various martial art styles.  Jesse has a very keen awareness as to how the visual system affects sports ability and understands how to maximize his students/players' abilities.  As a junior high school teacher Jesse learned different teaching techniques and gained a level of comfort in communicating and working with students and parents.   In addition to running Sporteyes VT, Jesse also hosts two sports talk shows on Internet radio.  Both can be found at  Look for Basketball Babble: NBA Radio and The Lakers Show.

Shannen Knight:

Shannen is a licensed optician and Sports Vision Trainer.  She has worked in the vision/eye-care industry for nearly fifteen years.  Shannen is well versed in eyewear, eye protection, and sports eye injuries.  She has been quoted in numerous magazines and appeared on KOIN6 news.  In addition to her work in the field of vision, she owns and operates our sister company A Sight for Sport Eyes (  Shannen has run this successful eyewear/eye-care store for eight years.  She also has experience coaching and teaching.  Shannen coached high school cheerleading and dance in both California and Oregon.