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Sports Vision Training

  Who are our clients?

          Athletes of all levels, students, athletic directors, coaches, casual!

  What do we provide?

           We can screen/evaluate your eyes to find any sports specific visual errors you might have that prevent you from peak performance.  We identify the visual weaknesses or deficiencies in your game.  Some deficiencies such as color blindness may not be able to be cured, but we can come up with ways to improve performance even with these deficiencies. Most of us have general weaknesses in how we perform visually in a game, and these can be much improved with vision training.  Some athletes will have visual difficulties that will need individual, professional attention and will not benefit from vision exercises alone.  A professional doctor can make the determination if you have eye conditions that will prevent sports vision training from working on its own and can give you the professional attention you need to correct these visual errors.  Only professional doctor can prescribe devices to correct vision to 20/20. We at Sporteyes VT can take that prescription and fit you with the devices that will give you the best performance whether it be glasses or contact lenses.

          We focus on the entire visual system: 

  • Visual acuity: the ability to see accurate or 20/20 vision 
  • Dynamic Vision: visual acuity when motion is involved
  • Visual Memory
  • Eye Movements: the muscles that move your eyes in all directions
  • Central Peripheral Awareness
  • Vision Reaction Time

Sporteyes VT can customize a vision training program to fit your specific needs.  We love to work one-on-one with athletes and students.  If you're a coach looking to give your team an edge (and promote general sports health) we can come out and train your team directly or we can teach you to train them.  We are set up to give seminars to large audiences, private or semi-private clinics, one-time or on-going training.  Athletic Directors, have us come out for a one day seminar for ALL of your coaches. 

          Some of the skills we work on are:

  • Eye hand/foot coordination
  • Speed of recognition
  • Balance and timing
  • Mental training and visualization

Enhancement of these skills is achieved through improving the following:

  • Tracking - The ability to follow a moving object smoothly and accurately with both eyes, such as a ball in flight or moving vehicles in traffic.

  • Fixation - The ability to quickly and accurately locate and inspect, with both eyes, a series of stationary objects, one after the other, such as moving from word to word while reading.

  • Focus Change - The ability to quickly look from far to near and vice versa without momentary blur, such as looking from the dashboard to other cars on the street, or from a book to the chalkboard.

  • Depth Perception - The ability to judge relative distances of objects and to see and move accurately in three-dimensional space, such as when hitting a ball or parking a car.

  • Peripheral Vision - The ability to monitor and interpret what is happening in your side vision while attending to a specific central vision task; the ability to use visual information perceived from over a large area.

  • Binocularity - The ability to use both eyes together, smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately.

  • Maintaining Attention - The ability to keep doing and particular skill or activity with ease and without interfering with the performance of other skills.

  • Near Vision Acuity - The ability to clearly see, inspect, identify and understand objects at near distances, within arm's length

  • Distance Acuity - The ability to clearly see, inspect, identify and understand objects at a distance of 20 feet those objects normally seen at 20 feet; also called "20/20 sight".  This is just one of the visual abilities and not necessarily the most important.  People with 20/20 distance acuity still may have severe visual problems.

  • Visualization - The ability to form mental images in your "mind's eye", retain or store them for future recall, or for synthesis into new mental images beyond your current or past direct experiences.

  The Visual Workout:

          To improve these and other aspects of vision, Sporteyes VT uses the H.R.A. Visual Workout, a simple exercise program designed to be used with the items available through this site for anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance.  The Visual Workout can be conducted in just a few minutes each day at home, school, work, PE class, park, or playground.